Rudi Wilson
Rudi Wilson
Biographical Information
Name Rudi Wilson
Nickname(s) None
Last Recorded Age Unknown
Family Apple Wilson (daughter)
Dick Wilson (son)
Jeffrey Wilson (ex-husband)
Salvador (green card marriage)
Occupation Unknown
Voice actor Eva Longoria

Rudi Wilson is the mother of Dick Wilson & Apple Wilson. She was an ex-music executive before being shamed to the suburbs in Canada.


Formerly living as a popular music executive with a penthouse overlooking Time Square, but she is involved in a controversy involving her and her client, 2Bit. They are caught on video shooting kids in Central America, which she says they agreed to for a piece of food. Rudi's boss soon tells her he has to fire due to her reputation being ruined, she soon tells the media that she is 'outraged' that the media is endorsing this and tells them that she is moving to a more family-friendly place, the suburbs in Canada, so she can 'take care' of her family full-time.